Condo & HOA Attorneys


Richard D. DeBoest

Richard D. DeBoest II is a shareholder with the law firm of DeBoest, Stockman, Decker, Broughton & Hagan, P.A. DeBoest, Stockman is a general civil law firm serving all of Southwest Florida. Mr. DeBoest’s practice is concentrated exclusively in community association law.

Mr. DeBoest regularly speaks and writes on community association law topics. In the past his presentations have covered topics such as assessment collection, conducting board meetings, community association law updates, covenant enforcement and financial aspects of association operation. Mr. DeBoest was also co-host of the “Community Living” radio show for two years.

Richard DeBoest Serves Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples


Susan M. McLaughlin

Susan M. McLaughlin is a partner in the Condo & HOA Law Group, LLC, an affiliate of the law firm of DeBoest, Stockman, Decker, Broughton & Hagan, P.A. Ms. McLaughlin limits her practice to representing community associations, although in the course of that she handles a wide range of legal matters.

Ms. McLaughlin is a graduate of New York University and has a law degree from Villanova University. Prior to moving to Florida, she was a shareholder in the firm of Harvey, Pennington, Ltd., a Philadelphia based firm, where she practiced law from 1979 to 2001.


Chene Thompson

Chene’ M. Thompson is an associate in the Condo & HOA Law Group, LLC, an affiliate of the law firm of DeBoest, Stockman, Decker, Broughton & Hagan, P.A.  Ms. Thompson will focus primarily on the representation of community associations.

Ms. Thompson joins the firm and brings to it 8 years of experience as a litigator in Southwest Florida. Prior to becoming an associate, Ms. Thompson was employed as an Assistant Statewide Prosecutor with the Attorney General’s Office of Statewide Prosecution. She successfully prosecuted cases ranging from traditional “white collar” crimes involving fraud and money laundering to large scale narcotics trafficking. Ms. Thompson was recently named by the AG as one of the top prosecutors in 2008 for her successful prosecution of organized crime and her partnership with local law enforcement.  She also worked as an Assistant State Attorney under State Attorneys Joe D’Alessandro and Stephen B. Russell.